Shipwrecks of the River Humber

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Shipwrecks of the River Humber began in 2004 out of an interest of a group of divers that wanted to explore shipwrecks around the River Humber. We have between us dived on hundreds of shipwrecks from Scapa Flow and Plymouth to shipwrecks in the Red Sea and the Falkland Islands.We have dived with some French colegues and been involved with the French Navy on a WW2 Type II HUNT Class Escort Destroyer ordered from Fairfields at Govan Glasgow on 28th July 1940 under the 1940 War Emergency Programme and laid down as Job No 1695 on 16th January 1941. In the following March when still on the slipway this vessel was damaged during an air raid on Glasgow. As a result her launch was delayed until 27th April 1942. She was the 2nd RN warship to carry the name, first used for a WW1 minesweeper sold in 1922. This Escort Destroyer was adopted after a successful WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign in March 1942 by the civil community of Dartmouth, Devon. In December 1942 this ship was transferred to the Free French Navy and renamed LA COMBATTANTE before completion on 30th December 1942.

We have also been diving a WW2 aircraft out of Mablethorpe which we are still trying to track down its identity.


We are a non profit organisation who research, map, sketch, photograph, and film shipwrecks around the River Humber in the United Kingdom.

Over the years the ports of the East Coast have been involved with shipbuilding, fishing, transporting goods around the world, and supplying ships to fight in both world wars. Many of our merchant seamen from this area gave the ultimate sacrifice, doing very ordinary tasks of transporting foodstuffs, animals, raw materials and other everyday essentials.

They should have earned the same recognition as service men that lost their lives in conflict.


The stories of ships like the Titanic, Bismarck, Hood etc have all been told (they needed to be told) but hundreds of ships sank over the last 300 years on the East coast and very little is known about them, and their sorry tales. The maritime heritage of the British Isles is a vast and exciting subject but much of this heritage lies beneath the waves, and is constantly under threat of being lost to the sea. For most people the ability to explore this can be very limited. Shipwrecks of the River Humber Area will open up this other world to everyone, to offer and encourage community involvement in researching, investigating, recording and interpreting our local maritime heritage before it is lost. There is an opportunity to tell these numerous stories and let the descendants of those seamen have pride in their heritage.


The shipwrecks in the area of the River Humber include ships that where built in and around the port of Grimsby or that sailed to and from the port of Grimsby. These ships were merchant ships, naval ships of all nationalities, and fishing vessels dating from the Vikings to the present day. The group will organise research of these vessels involving local groups that will include, the local Archaeology group, Dive Clubs, The Fishing Heritage Centre, the local museum, and any local resident that wants to be involved.

The Group will make detailed accounts of the life of the vessel, its building, its working life, its benefit and involvement with the local community, and its loss to the community when it sank.

The group will take underwater film of the wreck; make detailed sketches and maps of the wreck site.

These vessels were a part of the port of Grimsby its history, its rise from a small village to become the largest fishing port in the world and down again to a small port.

We need to record these events for all and keep these records for future generations to show how area has evolved. Good quality information will also help local and national organisations further the appropriate management of the wreck sites.

HMS Speedy

Shipwrecks of the River Humber

Have joined forces with Humber Viking Dive club, which meet every Friday eveing at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre at 8.30 pm.

This is a BSAC club and we offer try dives and full training, so you can come out with us to dive the facinating wrecks in the North Sea.

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Went out to a new site on 3June 2017 and dived a new wreck which we think has never been dived, small trawler mostly buried in the sand but very exciting see it in Grimsby's Lost Ships of WW1

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