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Grimsby's Lost Ships of WW1

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Shipwrecks of the River Humber tells the untold story of Grimsby’s heroic fishermen, who went out every day during the Great War not knowing if they would return. Sadly over 1200 men and boys did not. The project is recording the histories of 30 ships and the circumstances of their loss.

The aims are to show the sacrifices that trawler men from Grimsby made during the First World War. Trawlers from the town, along with other ports around the UK, were given the task of clearing mines laid by the German navy from around the coast of Britain. Grimsby alone lost over 300 trawlers.

Grimsby’s Lost Ships of WW1 is investigating at least 30 of Grimsby’s trawler fleet that were lost in the North Sea.

The project is training volunteers how to scuba dive and to become basic marine archaeologists with underwater cameras, and is producing a book and film about each boat to leave a record for future generations.


Kevin Smith from Shipwrecks of the River Humber said: “We’re delighted that our unique work to investigate, record and preserve the poignant stories of Grimsby’s heroic fishermen during the Great War has been recognised. I hope all our supporters and the whole town will get behind our campaign for votes. To be named the UK’s Best Heritage project would be a wonderful tribute to those brave men who lost their lives one hundred years ago.”


Voting goes live Thursday 29 June and finishes 27 July

You can access the dedicated webpage to vote on Thursday 29 June at Voters can click on Grimsby’s Lost Ships of WW1 category, and click on the vote now button. The phone number to vote for the project is 0844 836 9701.

In the second half of the voting period, from 9am on Thursday 17 July until midnight Thursday 27 July, people will be able to vote on Twitter and Facebook for their favourite projects. It is not possible to vote on other social media platforms.

Facebook voting will take place on the National Lottery Good Causes Facebook page, using the 49 agreed project hashtags. To vote, people must add a comment underneath the relevant category post, and they must include the hashtag of their favourite project. The category for Grimsby’s Lost Ships of WW1 is Heritage and will be live on 17July 2017, Only comments posted on The National Lottery Good Causes Facebook page in the comments section with the agreed hashtags will count towards voting. One vote is allowed per Facebook account.




Shipwrecks of the River Humber

Have joined forces with Humber Viking Dive club, which meet every Friday eveing at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre at 8.30 pm.

This is a BSAC club and we offer try dives and full training, so you can come out with us to dive the facinating wrecks in the North Sea

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Went out to a new site on 3June 2017 and dived a new wreck which we think has never been dived, small trawler mostly buried in the sand but very exciting see it in Grimsby's Lost Ships of WW1

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