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Shipwrecks of the River Humber

2017 Diving Season as of 12 June

Just some of the images so far

Hello well this year has been late starting but we have been out twice so far and had some great results.

First dive was on what we think might have been the Rover dived this site three times now and still no as yet no positive ID but recovered the compass and a few other items and some great video, this one needs some more investigation.

Then on Saturday 3 June went to look for trawler Jersey built by Mackie & Thomson, Glasgow in 1896 and owned at the time of her loss by Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd., Grimsby, was a British fishing vessel of 162 tons.

On October 4th, 1916, Jersey was scuttled by the German submarine UB-19 (Walter Gustav Becker), 16 miles NExE of the Spurn Head light vessel. There were no casualties. The Grimsby trawlers RADO & JERSEY were fishing together in Bridlington Bay when they was stopped by a German submarine UB-19, the crew were ordered to abandon ship, and the trawlers then scuttled by explosives placed below the decks. The m.f.v. JENNIE BULLAS ( also listed as JENNIE BULLER) was also scuttled by UB-19 on the same day.

We arrived on site and had great difficulty finding this wreck but finally thought we had her, two divers went in only to find nothing but seabed we call it HMS Vicinity. So we started again and after another hour found some more wreckage, sent down two more divers which found the wreck and signalled to us that they were in the wreck, the remaining divers following in two waves found a nearly buried wreck of about 50 feet long which had obviously never been dived or if it has it was a long time ago, there were numerous artifacts just laying about all over this wreck and we got some excellent video of the site.

But yet again no positive Id of this ship more investigation needed.

Great day and some great wildlife whilst there we were visited by 3 or 4 grey seals some porpoises and a minke whale all in all what diving is all about, shame the weather got in the way and we had to come home late Sat night

Here are just a few photos of this years diving so far

Shipwrecks of the River Humber

Have joined forces with Humber Viking Dive club, which meet every Friday eveing at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre at 8.30 pm.

This is a BSAC club and we offer try dives and full training, so you can come out with us to dive the facinating wrecks in the North Sea.

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Went out to a new site on 3June 2017 and dived a new wreck which we think has never been dived, small trawler mostly buried in the sand but very exciting see it in Grimsby's Lost Ships of WW1

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